Bringing Bonsai Culture to the World: BONSAI NIPPON

BONSAI NIPPON is a collective of bonsai masters dedicated to sharing the allure of bonsai with people worldwide through hands-on experiences. Our team of instructors includes talented bonsai masters with unique styles, led by Ken Fujiwara, who has a special affinity for mountain tree bonsai.

Furthermore, BONSAI NIPPON aims to foster a global community of BONSAI LOVERS through BONSAI ACADEMY, where individuals can experience the art of bonsai creation, and BONSAI LOVERS NETWORK, connecting enthusiasts from around the world. Using the universal language of bonsai, we aspire to expand the circle of BONSAI LOVERS worldwide.


"The term 'bonsai' literally means 'planting in a pot' and is derived from the Japanese words 'bon' (pot) and 'sai' (plant). Bonsai, with its roots in ancient China, has grown into a traditional Japanese horticultural technique that creates living art by shaping nature. It involves nurturing and cultivating plants planted in small pots or containers, turning it into an art form. The pursuit of beautiful shapes and balance, along with the enjoyment of seasonal changes, makes bonsai a popular artistic hobby worldwide.

Through communication with plants, bonsai allows individuals to feel the growth and changes, honing their sensibilities. It is not just an art form but a means to connect with nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry of nurturing living things.

About your Bonsai Master: Ken Fujiwara

A resident of Aichi prefecture, also a flourishing bonsai hub in Japan, he seamlessly weaves his exceptional sensibility into an array of distinctive bonsai creations, earning accolades across various fields. As the visionary founder of BONSAI NIPPON, he is extending the reach of Japanese bonsai culture to international audiences. View More

Bonsai Lovers Network: Gathering Enthusiasts Worldwide

Bonsai Lovers Network is a community of bonsai lovers.
In addition to practical knowledge on how to handle and grow bonsai, you can also learn about the appeal and history of bonsai. View More