Japanese Traditional Culture - Bonsai "Crafting nature's beauty alongside the artist,
using your own hands."

Maestro of Bonsai Ken Fujiwara
A "Bonsai master" who condenses Japan's four seasons
to capture their beauty.

Feel the Real Thing Experience the beauty of nature by touching a real bonsai

Premium Experience Create natural beauty, under the guidance of Ken Fujiwara.


About your Bonsai Master: Ken Fujiwara

A resident of Aichi prefecture, also a flourishing bonsai hub in Japan, he seamlessly weaves his exceptional sensibility into an array of distinctive bonsai creations, earning accolades across various fields. As the visionary founder of BONSAI NIPPON, he is extending the reach of Japanese bonsai culture to international audiences. View More

Bringing Bonsai Culture to the World: BONSAI NIPPON

BONSAI NIPPON is a group of bonsai masters who share the charm of bonsai with people around the world through experiences. The instructors are a group of highly talented bonsai masters, including Ken Fujiwara, who is particularly fond of mountain tree bonsai.
Please look forward to BONSAI NIPPON. View More

Learn directly from Ken Fujiwara BONSAI ACADEMY

What is bonsai? Bonsai is a traditional gardening technique that has roots in ancient China and has been "sublimated" in Japan as a living art that creates nature.

Bonsai Lovers Network: Gathering Enthusiasts Worldwide

Bonsai Lovers Network is a community of bonsai lovers.
In addition to practical knowledge on how to handle and grow bonsai, you can also learn about the appeal and history of bonsai. View More