Enjoy Course(1 day)

Enjoy Course(1 day)
Japan's traditional art of bonsai, which beautifully embodies the essence of nature, is highly regarded by enthusiasts worldwide. While the demand for bonsai grows, opportunities to understand its way of life, value, charm, and creation techniques are limited. In this 1-day program, a bonsai master, renowned on the global stage, leverages his expertise to provide hands-on guidance at his bonsai garden based in Nagoya, focusing on the theme of 'enjoyment.' (For beginner and novice levels)
Bonsai Fujiwara
2-2106 Suishoen, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 463-0010

Course Overview

Learn the basics while appreciating bonsai's appeal, understanding its visual aspects, and exploring its tree forms.
Experience a hands-on bonsai crafting session.

Wrap up the day's activities.
Morning Session: Exploring Bonsai

At 10:00 AM, gather at Bonsai Fujiwara for an introduction to the bonsai garden and receive an explanation from Instructor Fujiwara about representative bonsai such as Japanese black pine, Japanese juniper, and Japanese white pine, and how to care for them.

Themed around 'Exploring Bonsai,' this session aims to deepen understanding of bonsai's life, observation techniques, character, and value. Participants will also learn the basics of bonsai care, including essential maintenance practices like watering and fertilization.
Afternoon Session: Creating Bonsai

Themed around 'Creating Bonsai,' participants will conceptualize their own bonsai creation and learn various techniques while crafting it. The workshop involves visualizing the type of bonsai they would like, pruning, and simulating the shape of a tree with the application of needles. It's a hands-on session to bring your bonsai vision to life, combining imagination and skill-building.
Finish creating your own bonsai and end of session.
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