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Bonsai Lovers Network is a community for bonsai enthusiasts.
Here, you can acquire practical knowledge about handling and nurturing bonsai, as well learn about its appeal and history.

Japan's traditional culture of creating the beauty of nature, known as 'bonsai,' is highly esteemed by enthusiasts worldwide, with the number of bonsai fans increasing in modern times. If you've always wanted to deepen your knowledge and skills in bonsai, BONSAI LOVERS NETWORK is the perfect place for you.

Let's enjoy bonsai together!

Four Benefits of Bonsai Lovers Network


Share information among other bonsai enthusiasts!


Lectures by Mr. Fujiwara!


Access to the latest information!


Enjoy at your own pace with online accessibility!

Introduction to Bonsai Lovers Network's Content "Captivating Content"

A Variety of Video Content

We will regularly release videos conveying the charm of bonsai.
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Sharing Information with Documents

You can share knowledge about bonsai and enjoy information exchange among bonsai enthusiasts through documents.

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Receive the latest information about bonsai on our timeline

Participate in Events

Information about bonsai-related events, online seminars, and other globally accessible events is available!

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