Hands-on Bonsai experience! BONSAI ACADEMY

Direct instruction by Ken Fujiwara, a "bonsai master" whose creativity and artistic ability are highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally.

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese culture that reflects Japan's aesthetic sense and philosophy.
If you are interested in bonsai or want to start it as a hobby, please join us at the BONSAI ACADEMY!

The BONSAI ACADEMY offers two programs: a 1-day course for beginners and a 3-day course for intermediate and advanced learners.
Under Mr. Fujiwara's guidance, you can learn everything from the basics to the way of life, perspective, values, and techniques for creating beautiful bonsai.



Direct Instruction From a Bonsai Master

Learn from the very best, bonsai master Ken Fujiwara, as he guides you through essential bonsai knowledge and fundamental techniques in selection and care. This experience in Japan not only imparts the wisdom and beauty inherent in bonsai but also fosters a profound understanding of the enchantment found in cultural exchange and art.


A Relaxing Environment Surrounded by Bonsai

"BONSAI FUJIWARA" is an atelier located in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City.
Experience making bonsai in a relaxing space surrounded by bonsai and enhance your connection with nature, offering a sense of peace and healing for the mind.


Touch the Real Thing and Enjoy the Charm of Bonsai

Physically touch and craft your own masterpiece under the guidance of a bonsai master. This unique experience not only offers a hands-on opportunity to create bonsai but also serves as a valuable gateway to delve into Japanese culture, art, and spirit.

Learn directly from Ken Fujiwara BONSAI ACADEMY

What is bonsai? Bonsai is a traditional gardening technique that has roots in ancient China and has been "sublimated" in Japan as a living art that creates nature.

Bonsai Lovers Network: Gathering Enthusiasts Worldwide

Bonsai Lovers Network is a community of bonsai lovers.
In addition to practical knowledge on how to handle and grow bonsai, you can also learn about the appeal and history of bonsai. View More